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Où en étions-nous ? Ah oui, j’avais plein de choses à vous montrer… Je vais délayer sur plusieurs notes histoire de faire genre « j’ai plein de choses à montrer » (et accessoirement de justifier ainsi les nouveaux achats faits, hum). Non personne n’a rien entendu.

Bon. Revenons à nos moutons. J’en avais parlé ici, j’ai enfin terminé mon petit cadeau en laine Regia Bamboo qui a fini… sur les pieds de ma mère. Ben oui, une paire de chaussettes toute douce comme cadeau d’anniversaire c’est plutôt pas mal non ? En tout cas elles ont bien plu à Maman !

Petit récap :

Socquettes tricotées avec aiguilles double pointe (2,25), modèle Véronique de Tricofolk (que je recommande, particulièrement aux personnes n’ayant jamais tricoté de chaussettes ! Celui de Marimi est très bien aussi, mais pour moi qui déteste les rangs raccourcis, c’est un peu moins drôle…)

Fil Regia Bamboo acheté en Allemagne. Une pelote pour la paire visible sur la photo, autant dire qu’elle va loin !!!

Voilou. La suite dans quelques jours ! 😉

Bon tricot !

des chaussettes en bambou pour ma maman

So here I am again, getting rid of some WIPs and trying to eradiknit a bit of my stash. In fact, I have got many things to show you and some might say this is just another excuse to claim: « Hey, with all those projects I finished, I might need more yarn, let’s go and buy some just in case! » Am I really that kind of knitter? … I am afraid I am…

But let’s get back to serious things. Here comes a pair of socks I knitted for my mother’s birthday. I used Regia Bamboo yarn and I must admit I just fell in love with it. It’s really light, the touch is wonderful and I have been knitting, undoing and re-knitting my work because I had to make them longer than I had foreseen to, and I can tell this yarn is remarkably strong. So I can only recommend it, for socks or other things.

The pattern comes from the French website Tricofolk and has sadly not been translated into English but you can also use Marimi‘s explanations which are bilingual, and will give you a great result too (except that I am not a great fan of short rows, which is why I prefer to use the Tricofolk pattern).

That’s it! My mother was really delighted with her present so I think I may knit some more socks for her for Christmas. I will be back in a few days to show you more things.

Happy Knitting!


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